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Our Journey Together

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About Debs

Debs in Paris

Full Name:  Debbie Joann Glazerman (Clark)
Birthday/Age:  September 11, 1977 - 27 yrs. old
Occupation:  2nd Grade Teacher
Children:  1 daughter, Rebekah - 10 yrs. old
Parents:  Jim and Shirley Clark
Siblings:  1 sister, in-law, Jimmie...a nephew, Noah (age 5)...and a niece, Maggie (age 2)
Pets:  A cat named Harley
Hobbies:  Shopping, Scrapbooking, Reading, Watching Movies, spending time with my two favorite people (Mark and Bekah!)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movies:  Serendipity, Pretty Woman, and The Goonies
Favorite Type of Food:  Mexican
Favorite Season:  Spring
Favorite T.V. Shows:  Pretty much any reality show!
Pet Peeves:  Rudeness, People who drive with their turn signal flashing when they are not planning on turning, females that call me "hun" or "sweetie" that are younger than me!
I think Mark's best trait is his patience.  He is always calm and cool about everything, which balances me very well!

Debs was born in New Mexico, but having a dad in the Air Force meant she grew up living in several different places.  After living abroad in the Azores, her family finally settled in Lebanon, Illinois.  Here Debs completed both grade school and high school.  At the end of her senior year in high school, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Rebekah Lyn.  Debs then decided to get her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at McKendree College in Lebanon.  During this time, she married Rebekah's father, Glendon, and remained married to him for the next five and a half years.  Upon graduating college in May of 2000, Debs got her first teaching job at St. Libory Grade School teaching second grade.  It was towards the end of her marriage that Debs started making use of internet chatrooms and here where she found someone that she could confide in about her troubled marriage.  June 2002 saw Debs finalizing her divorce and gaining the independence she'd missed out on for the past six years.  This also provided the perfect opportunity to take what had been an online friendship to the next level.  Now we're happily married and building our life together.

Love one another a little more each day!!