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Our Journey Together

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About Mark


Full Name:  Mark David Glazerman
Birthday/Age: October 28,1977- 27 yrs. old
Occupation:  Application Support Specialist for Spartech Corp, St. Louis, MO
Children:  1 step daughter, Rebekah
Parents:  Gary and Liz Glazerman
Siblings:  1 sister, Jacqueline
Hobbies:   Spending time with Debs, watching lots of sports (especially rugby) on T.V. or live, listening to music, and travelling
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Movies:  Spaceballs, Any Given Sunday, and Donnie Brasco
Favorite Type of Food:  Mum's cooking
Favorite Season:  Summer
Favorite T.V. Shows:  Bo Selecta, Topgear, and Wild Boyz
Pet Peeves:  People driving with their fog lights on, small mindedness, and people who ride bikes with their heels on the pedals
I think Debs' best trait is her modesty. Even when she looks great she thinks she looks terrible.

Mark grew up in North Harrow in Northwest London.  He went to Pinner Park First and Middle School.  Then onto Hatch End High School.  At 16, he gained 2.5 A-levels at Weald College.  This enabled him to move on to the University of Brighton where he gained a Bachelor's Degree in Leisure Management.  After attempting to gain entry into the sports development industry, he ended up working for IBM in the media operations department.  It was thanks to a change from regular 9-5 working hours to working shifts, including nights, that Mark found himself making use of internet chatrooms to help the long night shifts pass quicker.  It was in one of these chatrooms in May of 2001 that he found himself chatting to a charming American girl, who slowly but surely became more than just a passing acquaintence.  Who'd have thought that four years down the line he'd now be married to her and living all the way across the Atlantic Ocean??

Love one another a little more each day!!